PICNIC Salon New York 2009

PICNIC hosted the first-ever edition of PICNIC Salon New York, an event intended to spark collaboration between innovators from Amsterdam and New York City.

The event was attended by 150 of New York’s creative elite and digital media leaders, as well as a small but influential Dutch delegation which included the Deputy Mayor of Amsterdam and other City officials. The theme of the day was “A Special Tale of Two Cities, New York and Amsterdam”. The objective was to both celebrate the 400th anniversary of Dutch arriving in New York and to discuss the future of digital cities, and the future creative collaboration between these two creative cities. The day ended with an evening program of drinks, food, music and networking, all enjoyed with a view over Manhattan.


Featured Speakers

  • Carolien Gehrels, Deputy Mayor, City of Amsterdam (the Netherlands)
  • Michael B. Johnson, Pixar Animation Studios (United States)
  • Russell Shorto, contributing writer for the New York Times, Director of the John Adams Institute in Amsterdam, author of ‘The Island at the Center of the World: The Epic Story of Dutch Manhattan and the Forgotten Colony that Shaped America‘ (United States)
  • Renny Ramakers, Director, Droog Design (the Netherlands)
  • Kevin Slavin, Co-founder, Area/Code (United States)
  • Frank Kresin, Head of Research, Waag Society (the Netherlands)



Event Highlights

  • Roundtable workshop sessions involving creatives from New York and the Netherlands
  • Guest lectures on the themes of digital collaboration, connected cities, sustainable design and creative collaboration and innovation
  • Keynote presentation about the history of the Dutch in Manhattan
  • The creative process at Pixar Animation Studios