PICNIC Mexico @ Catapulta Festival 2014

PICNIC Mexico was part of the Catapulta social innovation festival held from April 7 – 12, 2014 in Oaxaca, Mexico. Oaxaca is a major hub for organizations working to eradicate poverty and improve life for the poorest people in Mexican society.

Under the call to action to “Re-define growth” in Mexico, PICNIC challenged social and sustainability entrepreneurs in Mexico and Latin America to focus on solving social and environmental challenges while building successful, impactful businesses.

Here’s a round up of the PICNIC Mexico program at Catapulta.

Re-defining Growth’ Call to Action in Mexico: Interactive Discussion

During this discussion, panelists and audience participants explored how to translate PICNIC Mexico’s call to action to ‘Re-define Growth’ from words into action. PICNIC Mexico team members discussed concrete examples of how social entrepreneurship is playing a part in shaping new foundations of our economy, our society and our personal lives.

PICNIC Mexico Marketplace

PICNIC partnered with the Unreasonable Institute, Halloran Philanthropies, Make Sense, Ashoka and New Ventures Mexico to showcase 45 impactful social enterprises in Mexico. These companies are active in industries ranging from health, education, governance, community development to sustainable design.

The PICNIC Mexico Marketplace included:

  • Make Sense Holdup Sessions: Festival participants used their contacts, resources and networks to actively support the social entrepreneurs in the Marketplace with their specific challenges.
  • ‘Re-designing Growth, One Social Enterprise at a Time’ Design Thinking Workshop: Hosted by CO_, the initiators of PICNIC Mexico, this design thinking workshop took the Marketplace’s social entrepreneurs through a design thinking process aimed at helping them to further develop their individual businesses.
  • ‘Designing for the Anthropocene’ Workshop: PICNIC Mexico partnered with the Buckminster Fuller Institute in New York to host a design thinking workshop focused on the Anthropocene, the current period in which human activity has greatly impacted Earth’s ecosystems. David McConneville coached participants through the process of looking identifying new opportunities to develop solutions which solve social and environmental problems in their industries.

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