PICNIC Festival Brasil — Redesign growth!

PICNIC Brasil wants to cause and provide a stage to new collisions that lead to new projects. By helping to realise such projects, PICNIC is an accelerator for social change, creating a sustainable impact. PICNIC projects always enter new and undiscovered spaces, making it a learning environment for all participants. PICNIC Brasil will explore how the creative application of technology can enable us to meet the challenges they bring for business, the planet and society at large.


PICNIC attracts people that are curious, engaged, openminded, actionable and eagerly seek for meaning and relevance in their lives and their businesses. People that are relaxed, open, bold, generous, active and want to be meaningful. Who want to have fun, take in even the strangest ideas, step outside their comfort zone, share their ideas, experience, skills, want to get their hands dirty and want to have a positive impact.


PICNIC offers a wide variety of activities, like case studies, inspiration from experts and thought leaders on new models, processes, products and services, direct contact with the disruptors, demos, challenges, competitions, hackathons, decamps, co-creation workshops, masterclasses, workshops, launches of new products, services and initiatives and a marketplace.

Theme: redesign growth!

PICNIC Festival Brasil will explore the theme through multiple tracks, covering topics like:

Urban living — Living environment, public domain, move from rural to city, social cohesion, gentrification, city culture, place making, creative hotspot, sharing, happy ageing, growing up, urban nature, food facility, safety, smart city, work,culture, entertainment, leisure, heritage, identity, youth culture

Learning — Personal development, life long learning, educational system, cloud learning, 21st century workplace, citizen science, robotics, distributed learning, knowmads, craftmanship, apprenticeship, learning by doing (maker), design thinking, wonderment, unlearning, prototyping, lean/agile/scrum, co-creation

Well-being — Mental health, ageing, quantified self, biotech, merging technology, singularity, nanotech, healthcare systems, social support systems, diseases, wetlabs, start-ups, challengers, homelabs, high-end healthcare, 3d printing, mindfulness, inner journeys, happiness myth, nature

Infrastructure — Internet, internet of things, navigation, mobility, watermanagement, food distribution, retail, waste management, housing, public spaces, city planning, green, utilities, transportation, distribution, social, data, government, social design, safety, knowledge,

Economy — Commons, value systems, money, growth as tool, quantification vs. qualification, inequality, sharing, alternative economy, co-, crowdfunding/-sourcing, future of work, business models, social innovation, decentralisation, blockchain technology, abundance, locality, new socio-economic models, open source, free

For more information, visite the dedicated local website.