PICNIC Festival 2009: Never waste a good crisis — turning points, exploding media, rebuild!

In times of peril and uncertainty, it is the creative and innovative minds that emerge as the leaders of change. What are the great breakthroughs that will change our lives in the coming decade? How will they heal our economy, our environment and make our lives more livable? What are the alternative scenarios for our future?

PICNIC ’09 covered major and minor challenges that lie ahead, from a critical but optimistic point of view.

Featured Speakers

  • Niklas Zennstrom, CEO and Founding Partner, Atomico, Co-founder of Skype, Joost, and Kazaa (United Kingdom)
  • Phil Zimbardo – Professor Emeritus of Psychology, Stanford University (United States)
  • Kevin Slavin, Co-founder, Area/Code (United States)
  • Nicholas Negroponte, Co-founder, MIT MediaLab and Founder, One Laptop Per Child (United States)
  • Michael Tchao – General Manager, Nike Techlab Group (United States)
  • Gentry Underwood, Head of Knowledge Sharing, IDEO (United States)
  • Moeed Ahmad – Head of New Media, Al Jazeera Network (Qatar)
  • Tomi Ahonen – Author, ‘Mobile as 7th Mass Media‘ (Hong Kong)
  • Jeffrey Hayzlett – Chief Marketing Officer and Vice President, Eastman Kodak Company (United States)
  • Peter Molyneux – Founder of Lionhead Studies, video game developer and guru (United States)

Event Highlights

  • Launch of the Vodafone Mobile Clicks Award for best mobile start up
  • The future of money and alternate currencies in action
  • The Arab social Web session
  • Layar’s global launch of Augmented Reality in 3D
  • EcoMap Lab to map the environment (eg. energy, waste & mobility), aggregate the data and visualize it to promote behavioral change and reduce CO2 footprints
  • Creative Commons workshop on sharing and mixing audiovisual content
  • Launch of Microsoft WebsiteSpark program which gives Web development professionals the chance to get free software and technical support