PICNIC Festival 2008: Create the Future (collaborative creativity)

PICNIC ‘08 was a high-level plenary meeting of bright, creative minds. The PICNIC Specials were focused seminars, lectures and round table discussions that dove deep into PICNIC themes.

The PICNIC Labs were workshops that challenged participants to re-imagine their businesses, develop new products and services, refine ideas and formats and generate creative business concepts.

Featured Speakers

  • Charles Leadbeater, policy advisor to former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair, author of ‘We Think’ (United Kingdom)
  • Clay Shirky, author of ‘Here Comes Everybody’ and leading Internet thinker (United States)
  • Adam Greenfield, Head of design direction, Nokia, and author of ‘Everywhere’ (United States)
  • Gisele Hiscock, Director Business Development, Google EMEA (United States)
  • Loic LeMeur, Founder and CEO of Seesmic (France)
  • Binyavanga Wainaina, author and journalist (Kenya)
  • Aaron Koblin, digital media artist specializing in data visualization and crowdsourcing, Creative Director at the Google Creative Lab (United States)
  • Stefan Agamanolis, CE and Research Director at Scotland’s Distance Lab (United States)
  • Genevieve Bell, anthropologist and director of user experience, Intel’s Digital Home Group (United Kingdom)
  • Bas Kennis, pianist for the Dutch band Blof (the Netherlands)

Event Highlights

  • Maestro session by Israeli conductor Itay Talgam which explored the magical relationship between conductor, musician and audience to achieve inspiring new insights into leadership, management and teamwork
  • ‘Surprising Africa’ panel highlighting innovation in Africa
  • Evolution of social networking and new forms of social interaction
  • The networked city and shifting perceptions of being metropolitan
  • The Locative Lab: creating dynamic city experiences by using mobile devices